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Panel Repair

A damaged or missing panel might seem like the kind of repair you can put off. After all, if your garage door can still move up and down, how important is it to fix your panel immediately? Arlington Heights Garage Doors wants our customers to know it is very important to replace or repair your garage door panel as quickly as possible.

When you have a broken panel in your garage door, you expose your family to risks such as child endangerment, wildlife intrusion, crime and robbery, and other serious security threats. A damaged or missing panel is more than just a blight on your home and in your neighborhood.

Want to hear the good news about garage door panel repair? As one of the least dangerous repairs your garage door can need, an amateur could probably install a new garage door panel. Follow these steps if you would like to replace a garage door panel yourself:

  • Safety First!

Before beginning work, unplug the opener and remove the garage door springs carefully.

  • Remove Damaged Panel

If your panel is still on the door, you can remove it from the track and other panels by unscrewing the hinge and hinge brackets.

  • Install New Panel

The new panel can now be slid into the open slot. Fit the panel and then re-attach the hinge and hinge brackets.

  • Final Steps

Once the new panel is fit, replace the springs and re-connect the opener.

  • Re-finishing and Re-painting

If your new panel does not match the rest of your door, you may need to re-finish or re-paint the door.

Please do not hesitate to contact Arlington Heights Garage Doors if you have any questions about panel repair. Our licensed, insured, and bonded technicians are on stand-by 24/7 for emergency garage door services.

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